About Us

What distinguishes a Greenpiece endeavor is perhaps a sensitivity to the environment that translates into a subtle, non-intrusive design.

Our team of landscape architects, engineers, horticulturists and skilled workmen work in harmony, ushering in professionalism into every project. The team is backed by a network of consultants, contractors and vendors who are committed to high standards of aesthetics and design - with strict adherence to timelines.

Quess Corp Limited is Indias leading business services provider helping large and emerging companies manage their non-core activities by leveraging our integrated service offerings across industries and geographies which provides significant operational efficiencies to our clients. Quess has a team of over ~261,700 employees across India, North America, South America, South East Asia and the Middle East across segments such as Industrials, Facility Management, People Services, Technology Solutions and Internet Business. Quess serves over 1,700+ clients worldwide. Established in 2007, Quess is headquartered in Bengaluru, India and has a market cap of over USD 2.3+ Bn as on March 31, 2018. Quess Corp is a step-down subsidiary of Fairfax Financial Holdings Group; held through its Indian listed subsidiary, Thomas Cook India Limited. Click here, to know more.

The Team
Design   10
Project   290
Administration   20
Total   320